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When kyuhyun said hello to everyone, Sungmin said kyuhyun’s name~ 

and when they had a rest, kyumin got together and talked with each other~
at the end of the game, kyuhyun needed a helper so all the fans shout the name of sungmin.
so kyumin did the job together~~~

CR : 影子_君-shadow_xi
Tran : 0137roommate

260213 Sukira excerpt: Old Sungmin?

Sungmin: Around 2~3 years ago, the kids kept calling us "Sorry sorry oppas/hyungs", but recently they keep calling us "Sorry sorry ahjusshis"!
Ryeowook: Being 30 years old is indeed different!
Sungmin: I'm not 30 years old yet!!!
Ryeowook: It's around the same~
Sungmin: I'm only twenty plus years old!!!
Ryeowook: Even if you have kids at this age, it wouldn't be considered weird.
Sungmin: That's right if I marry early and have kids it wouldn't be considered weird^^
Cr: mineko_mai/-MOUIII-; Trans: minniestarrr